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What Did the World Look Like the Last Time LeBron James Missed the Postseason?

Back in the day when the NBA playoffs didn't feature LeBron James, we all lived much different lives.

For the first time since 2005, the NBA playoffs won't feature LeBron James.

His Los Angeles Lakers lost to the Brooklyn Nets 111-106 on Friday and were officially eliminated from the postseason.

It has been a long time since we've gone without LeBron playing hoops in May. Like, a really long time.

And after 13 straight playoff appearances, this was not what people were hoping for during his first year as a Laker.

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So now is the time where we remind you about all the things that used to be popular back when LeBron last played in the playoffs and all of the things that are super popular now and meant basically nothing to most people in 2005.

Didn't realize 2005 was that long ago, did you?

In 2029 we can do this when again we talk about the Warriors finally not winning the title.