Wizards Ticket Reps Are Calling Fans Who Said They'd Only Return When Ernie Grunfeld Left

What if attendance goes up thanks to this move?
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Wizards fans everywhere are rejoicing at the news of longtime president and general manager Ernie Grunfeld being fired Tuesday.

For nearly 16 seasons he was at the helm, and if you ask the folks of Washington D.C., he didn't do the greatest job running the basketball team.

In fact, his performance made some fans decide to give up on their season tickets. Not because the team itself wasn't playing up to the standard they wanted, but because Grunfeld was still there. And the secret contract extension Grunfeld got last season certainly didn't help ease the tension between the fans and the general manager.

Well, Wizards ticket reps heard all about fans' displeasure with the executive, and they were ready to let people know seats are still available if they wanted to recommit to the team now that Grunfeld is gone.

It looks like the last few Wizards home games are going to be a fun place to be even though the team isn't headed for the playoffs.

Washington hosts the Bulls on Wednesday, the Spurs on Friday and the Celtics next Tuesday in case you wanted to see Bradley Beal one more time before the summer and celebrate with the people of D.C.