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LeBron James Is A Master Postseason Tweeter

Hot take: Non-postseason LeBron James might be better than NBA playoff LeBron James. 

LeBron James may not be on the court this NBA playoff season, but the superstar is finding other ways to pass the time and entertain fans along the way. 

James, in his first season with the Lakers, missed the playoffs for the first time in 13 years when Los Angeles was eliminated from the postseason in March. The Lakers missed the playoffs for the sixth consecutive season, parting ways with head coach Luke Walton on April 12. 

But James seems to have figured out a way to spend the time he used to spend competing: He tweeted throughout the Western Conference semifinal between the Trail Blazers and Nuggets, while promoting his shoes. 

James' original tweet ran into a snag when it first read, "Daniel Craig" instead of "Torrey Craig." Twitter was quick to point out that Daniel Craig is an actor who plays the character James Bond, and Agent 007 is unlikely wearing LeBron 16s on the court at the Western Conference semifinals. James quickly deleted the original tweet, but then had some fun with the Craig joke. 

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He also hinted at a Twitter Q&A, which we're all here for. 

And lest us not forgot our "nots" when writing tweets. 

While James should have many years left in the league, perhaps a tweeting-career a la Magic Johnson is in his future. But fans can only hope James doesn't step down from his star role with the Lakers to take to Twitter as Johnson did this month