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Drake Wants the Raptors' 'Chip' With 'Some Dip'

The rapper basically held his own press conference after Toronto's Game 6 win on Thursday night.

Toronto's biggest fanboy is back and better than ever after the Raptors won the franchise's first-ever championship on Thursday night. That's right: Drake has more to say. 

So much more, in fact, that he basically held his own press conference in Toronto after leaving Jurassic Park to continue celebrating.

"The Six in six, Kyle Lowry with the ring," the Toronto-native began. "Kawhi Leonard bringing a 'chip to the city, I want my chips with the dip that's all I know. I don't want my chips plain, I want my chips with the dips. So bring them dips, that dynasty's over."

The rapper celebrated the Raptors' first championship in franchise history with fans in Toronto after the team's 114-110 win over the Warriors at Oracle Arena in Oakland. His boy Lowry led the team with 26 points, while Leonard took home his second NBA Finals MVP award.

He took the rest of his thoughts with him on Instagram live, along with his questions about chips and dip. He also added that he was asked not to attend away games for "safety reasons," which might explain why the biggest presence on Toronto's sidelines was absent from Oracle Arena on Thursday night.

Drake also announced that he will be dropping two new songs on Friday in honor of Toronto's title. 

Raptors legends Vince Carter and Chris Bosh were also celebrating with the team after the championship win, as were plenty of other stars.