Stephen Curry Was on a Plane From China to See Kevin Durant When Nets News Broke

Kevin Durant is headed to the Nets and Stephen Curry was on his way to see him when the news came in.
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There are bad times to hear rough news, and then there are absolutely awful times to hear bad news that you pray you never have to experience.

There was no good time for the Warriors or their fans to learn Kevin Durant was headed to the Nets, but it's safe to say most people heard about what happened in a better way than Stephen Curry.

According to Marcus Thompson of The Athletic, Curry was flying from Shanghai, China to see Durant in New York when the news broke that the two-time Finals MVP was leaving Golden State.

From Thompson:

Stephen Curry flew straight to the New York area from Shanghai, China. But he wasn’t going to pitch Kevin Durant on why he should stay with the Warriors. It was already too late. He was on the plane when the news broke that Durant was leaving for Brooklyn.

And Curry didn’t turn the jet around or cancel the trip. Because it wasn’t about recruiting. It was about respect. It was about thanks.

It was easy to presume that if anyone could sway Durant, Curry would be the one. The point guard has been the Warriors’ biggest magnet, drawing the key pieces to the dynasty, including Durant and Andre Iguodala and coach Steve Kerr. It was Curry’s mojo that built this. It was his stamp of approval that sealed Durant’s arrival. His trip to New York was seen as a last-ditch effort to keep Durant.

But Curry went to have one last moment with Durant as teammates. To tell him one more time how much he appreciated him for the three years they had. They’d won two championships together. Dominated the league together. Made history together. He was there to wish Durant happiness and peace, express his support for his decision. And when Curry got to Durant’s apartment in Manhattan, Durant confirmed to Curry his decision that their time together was over. Face to face. Man to man. Friend to friend.

Now Curry just needs to go meet up with Andre Iguodala, who is reportedly getting traded to the Grizzlies to make way for D'Angelo Russell.

But at least Iguodala knew he was headed out the door even if Curry didn't.