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Giannis Antetokounmpo Is Right About 2020 NBA Championship Significance: Unchecked

Giannis Antetokounmpo says he feels the 2020 NBA title will be “the toughest championship you could ever win” and I agree with him.

There is a school of thought that the asterisk talk is a preemptive strike against another LeBron James ring, however, I believe this title would be significant not just for James, but for anyone who wins. And particularly Giannis.

Whoever takes it will be overcoming unprecedented circumstances, but for The Greek Freak specifically, it would be one of those chips that feels more like the exception than the rule, given he isn’t playing alongside other superstars. Think Kawhi Leonard last year with the Toronto Raptors, Dirk Nowitzki's win with the Dallas Mavericks in 2011, the 2004 Detroit Pistons and Hakeem Olajuwon’s Houston Rockets in the 90s.

Look, I have my doubts about the Milwaukee Bucks despite their record. And I’m not convinced Giannis has the refined go to move set to create his own shot when things really get tough deep in the playoffs. Being able to make something happen individually against any defense is a prerequisite to truly be atop today’s NBA in my opinion.

Still, there’s been way too much talk about where Giannis might play next and not enough about what he has the opportunity to pull off right now with the Bucks.

Because if he culminates what is likely another MVP season bringing a championship to Milwaukee, at that point it’d be tough, in fact as tough as this title will be to win, to deny Giannis a claim as the best player in the world.