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NBA Will Prove It Is the Best League in Sports: Unchecked

The NBA is about to prove why it’s the best league. It’s already off to a good start.

Because due to the bubble plan and the test results thus far, I’m confident their season will finish, and safely. It almost feels surreal they made it all the way from Rudy Gobert to here. Which goes to show you how far trust in leadership can go, as the players and Adam Silver seemingly work together and not against each other. 

And then there’s the product on the floor, which features the best athletes in the world and many of the biggest stars in sports. The things these guys are able to do makes me wonder how we can be a part of the same species, as sometimes it feels like the Marvel logo should scroll across the screen before an NBA game.

So getting to see the likes of LeBron, Giannis, Kawhi, Luka, Harden, Zion and all the other special players back in action is something I will never take for granted again.

And I think we might be in for some of the best basketball we’ve ever seen. As once the rust is off, the level of focus is about to be off the charts. This bubble was built for ball after all and teams will be on a shared mission to compete for a championship that I believe will always have special meaning historically. I don’t think anyone will ever forget the circumstances involved here.

So, as all eyes move to the NBA, they are about to show us what we were missing, and I for one won’t miss it.