Ranking Every NBA ‘City Edition’ Jersey

The NBA and Nike have revealed the "City Edition" jerseys for the 2020-21 season and we ranked them from worst to best.

It’s that time of the year again: Nike and the NBA have unveiled this year’s "City Edition" uniforms. We ranked them from worst to best.

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30. Washington Wizards

These are really boring. But hey, at least they have Russell Westbrook now, who will make these somewhat fashionable.

29. Orlando Magic

The Magic hyped these up, but the grey outline kills everything. Can you imagine Shaq and Penny wearing these? Yuck.

28. Boston Celtics

I understand the effort in paying homage to the championship banners, but no.

27. New York Knicks

The only cool thing about these is the classic Nike NYC logo. Other than that, it falls flat.

26. Philadelphia 76ers

I will never forgive the 76ers for teasing the return of the classic black uniform A.I used to wear and then unveiling these. What’s even more sad is seeing Iverson in them.

25. Cleveland Cavaliers

Our Homepage Editor, Lorenzo Arguello, said Cleveland is trying to match the Spider-Man movie title. I laughed.

24. Minnesota Timberwolves

These are not bad, but the team gets points deducted after not bringing back the Prince themed jerseys we've seen in 2017 and 2018. Would also look better with "Wolves" instead of "Minn."

23. Detroit Pistons

Boring. Bring back the Grant Hill teal joints!

22. New Orleans Pelicans

Taking the flag route seems lazy.

21 Oklahoma City Thunder

Nah, this ain’t it. Reminds me of something you would see at a NASCAR race.

20. Sacramento Kings

This has nothing to do with jerseys, but the Kings let Bogdan Bogdanović walk away for nothing.

19. Indiana Pacers

The lighter shade of blue makes these look like a bootleg version of the Reggie Miller and Jermaine O’Neal joints. Bring back the Flo-Jo jerseys!

18. Dallas Mavericks

These are boring but it will remind Luka of Real Madrid, I guess.

17. Denver Nuggets

They basically plagiarized Utah’s uniform.

16. Milwaukee Bucks

Are the Bucks pushing Giannis to Dallas?

15. Portland Trail Blazers

These are okay and that’s it.

14. Utah Jazz

I wish the Jazz got a bit more creative after running the orange/red theme for a few years. These are completely fine, but I expected more.

13. Golden State Warriors

Throwing it back to the “We Believe” era is a great nod, but the team left Oakland just a year ago. Feels a little weird to wear these while playing in a new arena in San Francisco.

12. Los Angeles Clippers

Reversed the color scheme from last year’s version and I am not mad at it. Especially after you watch the video below.

11. Atlanta Hawks

I miss the Peach Tree uniforms, but these are good.

10. Houston Rockets

I struggled on where to rank these. They are not the best and a bit generic, but I think P.J. Tucker is going to put together an incredible sneaker rotation every time they wear these.

9. Chicago Bulls

Good job, Chicago. Simple but a standout this year. 

8. Toronto Raptors

OVO themed jerseys are back, but putting Tampa on the chest could have been a nice touch for this season.

7. San Antonio Spurs

While the fiesta colors are a legendary staple in the franchise, it will be the first time the Spurs actually use them on a game jersey. The fiesta color was used on the team’s game warmups from 1989-90 to 1996-97.

6. Phoenix Suns

I like these because there was some actual effort to be fun. It just sucks that Kelly Oubre Jr., who helped design these, got traded before getting a chance to wear it on the court.

5. Miami Heat

The Heat never fail with the "City Edition" theme, but these do take a slight step back from previous versions.

4. Charlotte Hornets

While the franchise looks to rebuild, a good jersey is something you can always count on seeing in Charlotte. Not a huge fan of “Buzz City” but the color palette is beautiful.

3. Brooklyn Nets

The Basquiat-themed uniform has received mixed reviews, but I love how the Nets continue to pay homage to different Brooklyn natives and pop culture icons instead of, you know, a statue or a flag.

2. Los Angeles Lakers

Was hoping that Nike made the Crenshaw jersey LeBron wore last year a real thing but this version is not bad, either.

1. Memphis Grizzlies

These are beautiful! The Grizzlies have dubbed these the "Soul City Edition" uniforms to celebrate the life of Memphis singer Issac Hayes.