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Cole Anthony Hits Game-Winning Shot, Pokes Fun at Kyle Anderson

Magic point guard Cole Anthony nailed a game-winning three-pointer with one-tenth of a second to go on Saturday night to beat the Grizzlies 112–111 and had some fun in his postgame interview.

The rookie out of North Carolina hit the three-point shot over Grizzlies forward Kyle Anderson and wasn't shy about his liking of the matchup. 

"[I] seen I had Kyle Anderson on me and [I] was like 'yeah it's game time,'" Anthony said. "[I'm] trying to get this money."

Anthony wanted the one-on-one out of the huddle—as he should. He hit a game-winning three-pointer back in January to break Minnesota's heart. 

"I was honestly in my head like 'I just really want an iso,' not even going to lie to you, I wanted iso," he said. "I just knew if I got someone on an island it wasn't going to be safe."

Anthony also credited his teammates and their second-half rally. At one point, the Magic were down by 20 points. The 6'3" playmaker led all scorers with 26 points and had eight rebounds and six assists. 

The Magic (20–44) are out of the playoff race but the Grizzlies (32–31) still find themselves as the No. 8 seed in the Western Conference. They'll host the Knicks (35-28) on Monday night at 9 p.m. ET. 

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