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Russell Westbrook Is Officially an NBA Legend: Unchecked

When I was growing up, Oscar Robertson's triple-double season was the stuff of legend. Russell Westbrook is about to do it for the fourth time. I don’t care what context you apply, that’s legendary.

In breaking Robertson’s overall mark, Westbrook deserves his moment. Russ messed around and got 182 triple-doubles!

Sure, he’s not a perfect player. Pointing out a lack of consistency on his jump-shot and some questionable decision making in crunchtime are fair critiques. But that’s no reason to dismiss his statistics, nor his place in history.

I dare anyone to tell me they’ve watched Russ over the years and haven’t come away impressed. The pure unbridled ferocity of his game is essentially without peer. Then there’s what he’s achieved in his career: MVP, 2x scoring champ, about to be 3x assist leader, and 9 All-NBA selections so far.

Though he may not have a ring, it’s not like he’s putting up meaningless numbers. Westbrook has been in the playoffs 10 times in his previous 12 seasons, including carrying the Thunder there by himself in 2017 after both Kevin Durant and James Harden were gone from OKC. While the current Wizards would not be sniffing the postseason if it wasn’t for what he’s done in Washington. His teams also happen to be 136-46 when he records a triple-double. That statistic hardly seems empty to me.

So, Russ deserves a standing one for passing the Big O, as there’s no way to look at this achievement other than as a big W for Westbrook.