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Kyrie Irving Took His Shot From the Logo: Unchecked

Sorry Celtics fans, you can’t chant F Kyrie and then be mad he stepped on a logo.

Let’s all live in reality, anyone who is that upset about Irving giving some extra tread to the head of a leprechaun that players just ran up and down over for two hours is being a Big Baby.

I understand Kyrie had an intent with that last step, it was overtly disrespectful, that was the point. As if to signify he conquered whatever enemy he feels he’s facing in Boston. But over the top reactions aren’t getting back at Kyrie, they’re proving him right.

Because there’s no way one should watch a water bottle thrown at him on top of all the other belligerent fan behavior we’ve seen this week and be just as worked up over a cartoon picture on the floor. I mean this sincerely, it is very much not that serious.

I get Celtic pride can be a real thing, hence Kevin Garnett coming to the defense of Lucky. However, as much as I admire KG’s now Hall-of-Fame career, given what he’s reportedly said to other players on the court, I wouldn’t exactly dub him the purveyor of respect.

Given this is still a thing years later, it’s pretty clear Kyrie doesn’t like Celtics fans and they don’t like him. That’ll probably never change. And that’s ok up to a certain point, but once you’re losing it over a logo, it’s time to remember what we’re actually talking about here.

Or as Kevin Durant so eloquently put it, grow up.