Kyrie Irving Is No Muhammad Ali: Unchecked

Let’s be real, Kyrie Irving is no martyr. He finally spoke on his Instagram Live and said a lot of nothing.

I don’t even know what his stance or point is, other than that people shouldn’t be forced to do anything they don’t want to. Which I agree with by the way! Kyrie is well within his rights to decide what he puts in his body. But that doesn’t make him Muhammad Ali, a comparison I’ve actually seen.

Ali put his career on the line in his prime to not fight in a war and to protest racism at home. Kyrie is getting paid to stay home by the Brooklyn Nets. 

Kyrie’s personal choice had professional consequences because the very round earth doesn’t revolve around him, and the Nets had to make their own choice to move on with the likes of Kevin Durant and James Harden and not a part-time player, who has a history of not exactly being the most reliable teammate.

I’d also ask this, what is Kyrie trying to accomplish? Does he plan to do this as a demonstration against all vaccine mandates? Or would he be playing already if he had gotten the exemption he referenced? 

I truly wish the guy the best and I want to see him back on the basketball court...what fan of the game wouldn’t?

However, this entire thing seems a lot more like Kyrie Irving not wanting to do something just because he’s being told to and not for any actual cause.