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The New NBA Rules Are No Flop: Unchecked

It's fitting that the Knicks and Bulls play a big game tonight, because the way the NBA is now being officiated is restoring some of that 90s feeling, and it's a breath of fresh air for what is a beautiful sport with a league as talented as it has ever been.

I gotta be honest as someone who loves hoops, some of the whistles on jumpshots, collisions initiated by the offensive player and non basketball acts were making me sick. 

It was the single worst thing about the game. So, to see that garbage no longer being called, is exhilarating. And I’d rather bad no-calls force players to adapt to contact than flailing and twerking being rewarded with a trip to the line.

I know many will try to make this about one player, especially given Steve Nash already referred to James Harden as the poster boy for the rule changes (personally I think Harden’s struggles have way more to do with him working to get his burst back after injury), but this is about the product as a whole. 

The players of today do things that are hard to believe. There’s no need for flopping when your skills are that filthy. The numbers support what I’m saying as well, given free throw attempts and free throws per field goal attempt are both down to start this season, but this is way more about you see.

And what I see is very pleasing. So, salute to the NBA for making the change. Play ball.