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Celtics Big Three Show Solidarity After Allen’s Perceived Snub of Garnett Goes Viral

It’s no secret that former Celtics teammates Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen have had a rocky relationship in the past. And on Sunday it was on full display.

During the NBA’s celebration of the top 75 players in the league’s history Sunday night, a video went viral that appeared to show that Garnett still had an icy disposition for Allen. Garnett was standing next to the third player of the Boston big three, Paul Pierce, and Allen can be seen saying hello to his former teammate in Miami, LeBron James. Garnett was right next to James and didn't appear to even acknowledge Allen. 

But a picture eventually surfaced of the three former teammates happily posing together. Garnett even posted the picture on his Instagram story and tagged Allen, seemingly burying the hatchet with the sharpshooter. 

Garnett had an issue with Allen leaving the Celtics in free agency back in 2012 to join the rival Heat. Allen went on to win an NBA title that same year, but ever since then, things haven't been the same between the two. But it appears time heals all wounds. 

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