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Report: NBA’s 2022–23 Salary Cap and Luxury Tax  Higher Than Expected

The NBA has informed franchises of the projected salary cap and luxury tax levels for the 2022–23 season. 

The salary cap will be $122 million and the luxury tax will be $149 million, according to a report from The Athletic. These figures are revised from the projections that were reported in February, with the salary cap $1 million higher and the luxury tax is $2 million higher than the previous estimates. 

The salary cap for the 2021–22 season is $112.4 million and the luxury tax is $136.6 million. The updated projections for next year represent an increase of 8.5% for the salary cap and 9.1% for the luxury tax.

An increase to the salary cap is significant considering some of the players who could potentially be available this summer. Sixers guard James Harden, Lakers guard Russell Westbrook, Wizards guard Bradley Beal and Nets guard Kyrie Irving all have player options that most, if not all, will opt out of at season’s end.

While Irving and Harden are most likely staying put, Westbrook could end his experiment with LeBron and the Lakers. Beal will have a robust market for his services as well.

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