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Steve Kerr Says He Supports Gabe Kapler’s National Anthem Protest

Editor’s note: This story contains details of a mass casualty event and gun violence.

After Giants manager Gabe Kapler announced he will not come out of the locker room for the national anthem, another Bay Area coach is giving Kapler his support: Warriors head coach Steve Kerr.

“I always support any form of peaceful protest,” Kerr told the media on Sunday. “That’s what our country is founded on. I think it’s great that he’s making his own statement.”

Kapler’s protest is his way of standing against gun violence after the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, on Tuesday. Kapler also penned an essay explaining his thoughts on the state of the country and the difficulty he had in making his decision.

In addition to supporting Kapler, Kerr also supported the March for Our Lives that will take place on June 11 in Washington D.C.

“I think it’s important for everybody to express their frustration, their disgust, their anger or whatever it is in any way that they deem fitting,” he said. “I support everybody’s right to demand better from our country.”

Kerr already gave the media his thoughts on the state of the country earlier in the week, in which he expressed his anger over the tragedy and called on elected officials to take action in order to avoid future mass shootings.

“When are we going to do something?” Kerr said. “I’m tired, I’m so tired of getting up here and offering condolences to the devastated families that are out there. I’m tired of the moments of silence.”