When the Philadelphia 76ers' 2020-2021 season ended, Doc Rivers seemed unsure of Ben Simmons' ability to play point guard on a championship-winning basketball team. From the moment he entered the NBA, Simmons' ability to play point guard in the NBA has always been questioned as many assumed he's a natural power forward.

Regardless of what the doubters believe, Simmons has fared well as an NBA point guard. After all, he was the Rookie of the Year four years ago and notched an All-Star appearance in the last three seasons.

At this point, NBA teams, including the Sixers, might question Simmons' ability to be a full-time point guard. But Colin Ward-Henninger of CBS Sports still ranks the disgruntled Sixers guard as one of the best in the game.

Listing the top 15 point guard in the league, Ward-Henninger not only included Simmons, but he ranked him in the top ten in front of key names such as Russell Westbrook, Kyle Lowry, Ja Morant, and De'Aaron Fox. Coming just behind Jrue Holiday, Simmons ranks eighth on CBS Sports' top point guards list.

"When it comes to Simmons, the main questions at this point are when will he play his next NBA game, and what team will that be for? Simmons is in the midst of a messy public divorce from the 76ers, and he has made it clear that he doesn't plan to play until he is traded. The Sixers, though, are in no rush to make a move, so the two sides are basically locked in a stalemate for the time being. Whenever Simmons does ultimately play again, he'll bring elite defense and playmaking to whatever team he's on." 

It's no secret Simmons is a defensive superstar. As he's one of the best perimeter defenders in the league, he brings a ton of value on that side of the ball. And although his shooting range is questionable and his struggles from the free-throw line hurt Philly in the playoffs, Simmons is still a stellar playmaker.

When will he play again? It's up to another team to meet Daryl Morey's asking price to decide. At this point, Simmons made it clear he won't play for the 76ers again. While his holdout was a part of a plan to get the Sixers to sell Simmons for pennies on the dollar just to get him out of Philly, Morey made it clear they hold the leverage, and they won't be selling their point guard for anything less than what he's worth right now.

Justin Grasso covers the Philadelphia 76ers for Sports Illustrated. You can follow him for live updates on Twitter: @JGrasso_.