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Philadelphia 76ers guard Josh Richardson is no stranger to the atmosphere at American Airlines Arena in South Beach. After spending his first few seasons in the NBA with the Miami Heat, Richardson had the opportunity to play in front of his old crowd once again as a member of the 76ers.

While Richardson received some cheers from his old fans, his homecoming was ultimately spoiled as the Sixers took a 117-116 loss in overtime to the Heat. Ironically, the Sixers lost to the Orlando Magic on Friday night by the same deficit.

Following both games, multiple players within the Sixers' locker room seemed defeated. Richardson, however, won't let a couple of losses get to his head. Despite being disappointed in the latest results, the Sixers' guard always keeps a smile and an upbeat vibe -- never letting defeat allow Richardson to get down on himself.

"Every loss has to build character," Richardson said, following Saturday night's overtime thriller. "You just can't sulk about it. We gotta take things from [Friday's loss], and we gotta take things from [Saturday's loss]. We gotta be like computers. Just keep taking in new data and putting it into our gameplay."

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While Richardson's positive vibe didn't exactly carry-over for everybody on Saturday night, the hope is that his message will resonate with those who are down about the Sixers' set of losses in Florida this week.

It comes as no secret that Philly is a solid team. They've shown that fact time and time again by defeating some of the NBA's best squads this season. However, when the Sixers' roster can't all get on the same page in critical moments, their team struggles big-time.

Over the last two games, the Sixers have struggled with effort and consistent execution. While Richardson believes the Sixers' intensity was a lot better on Saturday in comparison to Friday's game, there are still "little things" that need to be fixed before the Sixers get back "on a good road," according to Richardson. Fortunately for them, they have a couple of days to figure it all out before hitting the court again on New Year's Eve.