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Report: 76ers Managing Partners Still Interested in Mets Despite Steelers Stake

Last week, the Philadelphia 76ers' Managing Partners Josh Harris and David Blitzer were reportedly looking into expanding their sports ownership portfolio. Over the years, Harris and Blitzer acquired NHL's New Jersey Devils and NBA's Philadelphia 76ers. And recently, they've gotten their hands on a stake in the NFL. 

On Monday, Bloomberg's Erik Schatzker released a surprise report that Harris and Blitzer acquired a small percentage of the Pittsburgh Steelers back in the wintertime. Five percent of the team, to be exact. While they've acquired minority ownership in the NFL franchise, Schatzker's report makes it clear that Harris and Blitzer won't have any say in decision-making processes related to the team.

Some might've thought that Harris and Blitzer's latest move might mean that the two are out on trying to acquire the Mets -- but another report indicated that's not the case. According to Shlomo Sprung of Forbes, the Sixers' Managing Partners are still interested in potentially scooping up the New York Mets, and they are reportedly a "top option" for the sale. 

"Despite announcing the acquisition of a small piece of the NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers, Josh Harris and David Blitzer are still looking into a purchase of MLB’s New York Mets, per a someone with knowledge of the Steelers deal."

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"The source said that HBSE was still poking around at the possibility of a purchase of New York’s National League club, with relevant outsiders touting the potential bid as one of the top options for Sterling Partners, the company that owns the team led by the Wilpon and Katz family. Forbes’ most recent MLB franchise valuations in April listed the Mets as being worth $2.4 billion, a 4% increase from 2019."

Justin Grasso covers the Philadelphia 76ers for Sports Illustrated. You can follow him on Twitter: @JGrasso_