76ers Rumors: Mike D'Antoni Interest Involves James Harden?

Justin Grasso

The Philadelphia 76ers are interested former Houston Rockets head coach Mike D'Antoni. Lately, his name has popped up next to the Sixers more than any other candidate on the market, including the seemingly former favorite, Ty Lue.

D'Antoni brings an innovative and creative system and could give Philly an entirely new look, which could help them out tremendously on the court after struggling this past season. According to a recent rumor, though, Philly's interest in D'Antoni could have an additional non-coaching factor attached.

Per John Clarks of NBC Sports Philadelphia, the interest in D'Antoni's services as a head coach may stem from the organization's interest in Rockets superstar James Harden as well. As Harden is set to become a free agent in two seasons or could be traded as early as this offseason, Clark reports there is "feeling with some in the organization that [D'Antoni] could help lure James Harden to Philly."

Harden, who turned 31 in August, is one of the most prominent names in the NBA right now. The six-foot-five shooting guard out of Arizona State began his career with the Oklahoma City Thunder back in 2009. Although he showed promise early on in his career, it wasn't until he moved over to Houston when Harden really starting emerging as a star in the NBA.

In eight seasons with the Rockets, Harden has averaged just under 30 points-per-game while shooting 36-percent from deep. Over the last three seasons, he's put up over 30 points-per-game and was named the NBA MVP in 2018. It's no secret the Sixers could use somebody as reliable as Harden on the offensive end of the court -- and he would surely give Philly a boost if they could somehow acquire him in the future.

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I don't think so. Harden is a ball hawk it will kill the chemistry with Embidd. Not enough basketballs to go around and Harden plays no defense. Just build the team with younger players.