Analyzing Sixers Trade for Danny Green, Terrance Ferguson

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On Wednesday night, just hours before the start of the 2020 NBA Draft, Sixers' President of Basketball Operations Daryl Morey made his first move as a member of the front office by trading Al Horford to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

For months now, Al Horford's future in Philly has been in question. Although the Sixers just signed him to a four-year deal worth $109 million last summer, it was quite clear that Horford didn't fit within the Sixers' lineup alongside Joel Embiid.

After seeing the big man struggle last season, the 76ers knew they had to do all they could to get Horford's contract off the books as it's viewed as one of the worst deals in the NBA. So on Wednesday, Morey struck a deal with the Thunder.

The Transaction:

Thunder: Al Horford, 2025 Top-6 protected first-round pick, 2020 second-round pick (No. 34), and Vasilije Micic. 

Sixers: Danny Green and Terrance Ferguson

Breaking Down the Deal

Trading Al Horford

Trading Al Horford was a priority this offseason for the Sixers. No matter where they sent him, it was universally known the 76ers would have to add some draft picks in the deal as sweeteners since he's 34, declining, and owed over $80 million for the next three years. Whether the Thunder will keep him or not is unknown, but Horford's future is no longer the Sixers' problem. 

Dealing the Picks

To get Horford off the books, the Sixers will dish out a future first-rounder and a second-rounder for Wednesday night. Considering Philly still holds four picks in the 2020 NBA Draft, losing a second-rounder won't make a notable difference.

Giving up the rights for Vasilije Micic

This is perhaps the toughest part of the deal. Micic hasn't indicated he would come to play with the Sixers this year. In fact, he signed an extension with Anadolu Efes recently. While Micic was considering coming to the NBA, he made it clear he won't do so unless he has a chance to earn notable minutes. 

Considering the 76ers are looking to compete right now, Micic's chances of earning a notable role in the rotation were slim. Therefore, the 76ers' chances of getting him to the NBA were also a longshot. The idea of Micic was promising, but the Thunder have a much better chance of getting him to come over and play in America.

Snagging Terrance Ferguson

The 22-year-old veteran comes to Philly with three years of experience. Back in 2017, Ferguson was the 21st overall pick for the Thunder. With OKC, Ferguson played in 191 games, starting in 124 of them. 

Ferguson doesn't have a ton of experience under his belt, but he brings a cheap contract and decent upside as a former first-rounder. While it may be hard for the former Thunder guard to crack Philly's rotation, at least the Sixers have another young prospect on board to compete for a spot in their rotation.

Receiving Danny Green

If you're a Sixers fan who hardly watched basketball this past season and only paid attention to social media during the 2020 NBA Finals, then you're probably not thrilled to have Danny Green on the Sixers. 

All social media stuff aside, Green is a decent addition to a Sixers team that could use a veteran with championship experience. Green has three NBA Championships under his belt. Two of which came during back-to-back seasons these past two years.

Plus, as the 76ers search for three-point shooters this offseason, Green brings in some value from beyond the arc as he's knocked down 40-percent of his threes throughout his eleven-year career. The downside to this move is that Green is owed over $15 million this season. The good news is that he becomes a free agent next year -- so the Sixers aren't attached to the 33-year-old guard long-term.  

Justin Grasso covers the Philadelphia 76ers for Sports Illustrated. You can follow him on Twitter: @JGrasso_