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Ben Simmons, Allen Iverson Tease new Sixers Uniforms

Could the early 2000s Philadelphia 76ers uniforms that Allen Iverson donned make their way back next season? Apparently, it's possible. What we know right now is that the Sixers will reveal something new next week -- and many are speculating the organization will have new alternate uniforms, which take a trip down through the Iverson era.

It all started last week when Sixers President Chris Heck brought an old tweet of his back to everybody's timelines. In 2017, Heck promised then Sixers rookie Ben Simmons that if he wins the Rookie of the Year award, he'll let Simmons design a new uniform. At the time, Simmons was polling fans to see if they would embrace black throwbacks.

As we know, Simmons won Rookie of the Year, but the two-time All-Star never designed any new uniforms. On November 1, Heck brought the idea back up. "Add on a couple of All-Star games later and still #OnBrand...a deal is a deal @BenSimmons25," Heck tweeted last week. 

Shortly after, he changed his Twitter profile picture to Iverson donning a black jersey before eventually switching his photo to Simmons wearing a black jersey with the Sixers' logo on it from the All-Star game two years ago. 

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At first, Simmons played around with the idea but then everybody went quiet for a week. Then, Friday rolled around and Simmons, Iverson, and Heck all threw out cryptic tweets mentioning that some sort of reveal is coming soon

Iverson's sneak peek doesn't do us much justice. Neither does Heck's. Simmons, however, did offer a better hint at what's to come as he added three emojis to the end of his tweet. A black circle, blue circle, and red circle reveal the Sixers likely created a jersey with a color combination that we haven't seen since around 2009.

Justin Grasso covers the Philadelphia 76ers for Sports Illustrated. You can follow him on Twitter: @JGrasso_