There have been many changes within the Sixers from last season to this season, but none have been more impactful than the culture. Dating back to previous seasons, this might be the tightest the team ever looked. 

From the superstars down to the two-way players, this group enjoys playing alongside each other. It has been a breath of fresh air after last season where there were serious questions surrounding the team behind the scenes. 

Players have cited the improved culture all season long. While winning might help with it, the differences from last year have been night and day. When watching this team regularly, it is clear they have enjoyed their journey this season together. 

Ben Simmons was the latest player to chime in on the collectiveness of this team. He gave his thoughts on the chemistry built this season after Saturday's win against the Wizards. 

"I think it's fun knowing we got each other's backs. We're capable of winning games against anybody, and that's the main thing. When you go on to the court, you want to know you got guys who are going to compete at a high level. It's nice to have that," said Simmons. 

Having a strong togetherness within the team is crucial as they prepare for a deep postseason run. With championship aspirations on their mind, the Sixers need to feel that trust with one another. 

Even during a crazed regular season, the Sixers have managed to build a strong bond together. This improved culture has also brought back the fun-loving Joel Embiid that we didn't see much of last season. 


A value cannot put on how essential having a positive culture is. It is one of the intangible things that helps a group evolve from a good team to a great team. 

The Sixers made all the necessary changes to get this franchise back on track in the offseason. These changes continue to pay dividends as this team is thriving in the postseason, looking as tight-knit as they've ever been. 

Kevin McCormick covers the Philadelphia 76ers for South Jersey's 97.3 ESPN and Sports Illustrated. You can follow him on Twitter: @KevinMcCNBA.