Daryl Morey's Twitter Activity Gets Sixers Fans Talking About James Harden

Daryl Morey had to delete one of his recent tweets.
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It appears Philadelphia 76ers President of Basketball Operations Daryl Morey underestimated the power that social media activity has over NBA Twitter. 

Although not every single like, retweet, or tweet is a big deal, sports fans in general always tend to look too deep into everything to make something out of nothing.

Ben Simmons' single emoji tweet late last week was the perfect example. As rumors were going around hinting at a possible Ben Simmons for James Harden swap, Simmons tweeted out what appeared to be an angry emoji.

Many viewed it as Simmons' reaction to the rumors without realizing the All-Star guard tweets that same emoji hours before every game. At this point, Sixers fans are growing obsessive with a possible James Harden trade, whether they are for or against it.

As Harden remains disgruntled with the Houston Rockets, it seems there's only a matter of time before he gets moved. And since Morey runs the show in Philly, there's a realistic chance he could work to form a reunion with his favorite player.

Morey continues to reassure everybody that he's content with the current roster and doesn't see a scenario where the 76ers trade Simmons for Harden, but the President of Basketball Ops didn't do himself any favors on Sunday when he sent out a James Harden-related tweet amid all of the rumors going around.

Morey didn't say much here -- he just recalled a moment involving the superstar player that used to play for the team he manages. It's no secret Morey has a strong fondness for Harden. After all, Harden's the most prominent star Morey has ever worked with.

Did the Sixers President hint at a potential trade with his tweet? Not really -- but Morey clearly underestimated the power of social media before firing off that tweet, which led him to eventually delete it before rumors and assumptions got out of hand. Unfortunately, the second everybody saw it on their timeline -- it was too late.

Justin Grasso covers the Philadelphia 76ers for Sports Illustrated. You can follow him on Twitter: @JGrasso_