Doc Rivers Plans to Expand Seth Curry's Role With Sixers

Doc Rivers sees Seth Curry as more than just a shooter.
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When you look at his career averages for shooting from beyond the arc, Seth Curry is clearly in the sharpshooter category within the NBA. However, the former Dallas Mavericks guard believes he's much more than just a shooter.

Last week, Curry discussed his game with reporters on a Zoom call just days after being traded to the Philadelphia 76ers. While he's known for being a prominent three-point shooter and being the brother of Golden State Warriors superstar Steph Curry, Seth Curry is more than willing to take on an extended role with the 76ers as he earns a fresh start in Philly.

"In the league, at times and in certain moments when guys were out or coming off the bench, I've had a role in playing a lot of pick and roll and creating off the dribble," Curry explained last week. "So, I feel like I'm a pretty versatile player. I'm not just a spot-up shooter. That's the main part of my game, but to have an effective career and play a long time, I have to be able to do things in all different ways."

While many might believe Curry is here just to fill the role of a spot-up shooter, Sixers head coach Doc Rivers believes Curry will have more to offer as well.

"I think we'll expand [Seth's] role," Rivers said on Tuesday following day one of NBA's media week. "I think most people don't realize that Luka [Doncic] had the ball in his hands [with the Mavericks] actually more than James Harden. So, when you have a dominant player like that, you don't touch the ball as much. Yet, whenever Luka didn't have the ball in his hands, I thought Dallas played through Seth a lot."

Doc Rivers is well-aware of what Curry brings to the table in terms of shooting. But the former Los Angeles Clippers head coach revealed that Curry posed a threat in several ways when the Clippers had to take on the Mavericks last season.

"Playing against [Seth Curry] in the playoffs, we were as scared of his shot as [we were as] scared of his drives," Rivers recalled. "His drives killed us. He's a clever basketball player, and we plan on using his experience. You know, bottom line."

Justin Grasso covers the Philadelphia 76ers for Sports Illustrated. You can follow him on Twitter: @JGrasso_