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For the last couple of seasons, Philadelphia 76ers veteran forward Tobias Harris has been linked in trade rumors. While Harris has been one of Philly’s most consistent players, his expensive contract has been hard to live up to over the last couple of years.

As the Sixers enter another offseason as early playoff exits, Harris is once again more than likely to be thrown into trade rumors. Therefore, Bleacher Report’s Zach Buckley put together a mock trade that suggests the Sixers find Harris a home in Atlanta while acquiring another four.

What’s the Suggestion?

In this latest mock trade, BR suggests that the Sixers could trade Harris and Philly’s soon-to-be fourth-year wing Matisse Thybulle in exchange for Atlanta Hawks power forward John Collins. 

“Here, Philly would transform Harris' bloated salary into John Collins' more manageable $23.5 million at the not insignificant (but not egregious) cost of Matisse Thybulle's pesky perimeter defense. More would have to be added to the exchange to pass the salary-matching requirements, but this would be the trade's foundation. While a Collins-vs.-Harris debate might come down to the eye of the beholder, the fact Philly could get similar production from the 4 spot at a fraction of the cost might be too good to pass up.”

Who Says No?

Reports in the past have hinted that the Hawks were willing to send Collins to Philly in a blockbuster trade to land Simmons. But when the Sixers requested Atlanta to take on Harris as well, the Hawks were no longer interested.

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It’s tough to imagine Atlanta changed their minds about Harris at this point. And the idea of taking on Thybulle isn’t as attractive as it once was. While Thybulle’s perimeter defense is still top tier, his regression on offense remains a significant concern.

Unless Collins’ frustrations from last season leak over into the 2022 offseason and leave the Hawks with no choice but to trade him away, it’s difficult to imagine Atlanta biting on an offer to swap their 24-year-old forward with Harris and Thybulle.

Justin Grasso covers the Philadelphia 76ers for Sports Illustrated. You can follow him for live updates on Twitter: @JGrasso_.

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