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Just two weeks ago, the Philadelphia 76ers and the Detroit Pistons tipped off for what nobody expected to become the final NBA game in quite some time. Although the Sixers-Pistons matchup wasn't the only game slated for that unforgettable night, it was the final one to conclude, since a Western Conference game never started.

Over in Oklahoma City, that night, the Thunder and the Utah Jazz were moments away from beginning, before Utah's medical staff urged referees to call it off. At that moment, it was discovered that the Jazz's star center Rudy Gobert had tested positive for COVID-19.

Since then, the NBA has been suspended, and recent opponents of the Utah Jazz were urged to self-quarantine and get tested if possible. One of those teams happened to be the Sixers' latest opponents in the Pistons.

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Before the Sixers could get tested, Detroit managed to receive their results. According to the Detroit Free Press, 17 members of Detroit's traveling party were tested for the coronavirus just days after playing against the Jazz. And it turned out, Pistons' rising star Christian Wood tested positive for COVID-19.

Unknowingly, Wood spent 39 minutes on the floor in Philly with a case of the coronavirus. As he was asymptomatic at the time -- nobody, not even himself -- figured there was a chance he had contracted the virus from Gobert or Donovan Mitchell of the Jazz.

Fortunately, at this point, Wood is reported to be fully recovered from COVID-19, according to Dana Gauruder of the Detroit Free Press. After spending weeks in isolation and undergoing multiple tests, the Pistons power forward no longer has to worry about potentially spreading the virus any longer.

Justin Grasso covers the Philadelphia 76ers for Sports Illustrated. You can follow him on Twitter: @JGrasso_