NBA Rumors: Teams Will Conduct Training Camp 2.0 if League Returns

Justin Grasso

The NBA hasn't decided if it will be possible to resume the 2019-2020 season or not. However, that doesn't mean the league has chosen to give up on trying. Within the next few weeks, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver hopes to make a final decision to either start working on a return -- or call it quits on the season. 

If a return is in the plans, then the Philadelphia 76ers and the rest of the league will have to participate in another training camp just to end the season, according to a report from New York Times' Marc Stein.

"Training Camp 2.0," is what it's being referred to as in the NBA' return-to-play scenario template. Considering players haven't participated in actual practice or games since early March, the entire league understands it's going to take some time for players to get back into game shape before the season can resume.

"It's going to take a ramp-up [before returning]," said Sixers' General Manager, Elton Brand a few weeks ago. "We're definitely going to need some time to get back in the gym to have time to get [our] legs and wind back to have a healthy and safe return."

Around the league, it is believed that a three-week training period is the minimum amount of time necessary for teams to be prepared for a resumed season. There's hope that by June, all teams will be back in their respective facilities. 

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Once it's deemed safe by medical officials, teams would reportedly partake in "training camp 2.0" at their facilities before entering whichever bubble-city the NBA chooses. Still, at this point, there are no concrete details on whether the season will resume or not. Hopefully, that changes within the next few weeks, though. 

Justin Grasso covers the Philadelphia 76ers for Sports Illustrated. You can follow him on Twitter: @JGrasso_