The Ben Simmons trade saga remains active as the Sixers have yet to move the three-time All-Star guard this offseason. Following a disappointing second-round series performance against the Atlanta Hawks last postseason, the 76ers made the star guard available for a trade for the second time in his career.

At first, Simmons mentioned he'd like to remain with the Sixers as he just signed a max contract with them two offseasons ago. At this point, he's changed his stance. According to several reports, Simmons has made it clear that he won't attend training camp in a couple of weeks and doesn't intend to play for the 76ers again.

As the 76ers guard wants to be traded, reports have hinted that the star guard wants to land on one of the California-based teams such as the Golden State Warriors, Sacramento Kings, Los Angeles Lakers, or the Los Angeles Clippers.

But as Simmons wants a trade to happen sooner than later, he reportedly isn't being that picky with his next landing spot. According to Brian Windhorst, the star's ideal landing spot at this point is pretty much anywhere but Philly.

"I’ve been told a couple of places, but I’m loath to say it because I’ve seen other people say other things," Windhorst said on The Scoop with Darren Wolfson. "And I think maybe it changes by the day, and I say, and all of a sudden that becomes gospel. But I think the answer to that question is away from Philadelphia is where he wants to go."

This isn't the first time we've heard that Simmons is willing to play anywhere but Philly this offseason. FS1 host Chris Broussard reported earlier this month that Simmons would be willing to play for any of the other 29 NBA teams next year if he has to. 

While key members of the Sixers' organization met with the veteran guard in Los Angeles and attempted to salvage the situation in hopes that Simmons would return to the market and compete in Philly if a trade doesn't get done in time before next season begins, the All-Star is reportedly set on moving on no matter what.

Justin Grasso covers the Philadelphia 76ers for Sports Illustrated. You can follow him for live updates on Twitter: @JGrasso_.