In today's age of social media, offseason workout videos have become a staple among NBA players. All throughout the summer, we see posts and videos of guys strength training or working with trainers to add new elements to their game. 

Clips from multiple players training together in open gyms are another big things that have come about in recent years. Sixers fans know this all too well after years of Ben Simmons launching threes in such videos. 

Simmons is not the only Sixer that has appeared in these runs this offseason. Most of the time, he's alongside Tyrese Maxey. 

New videos have surfaced, and Maxey is seen showing off his three-point shot. Outside shooting was one of the weaker parts of his game entering the NBA, but you can't tell seeing it now. The 20-year-old was knocking them down off the catch or dribble and even hit some deep threes with ease. 

During his one season at Kentucky, Maxey shot just 29.2% from beyond the arc. That clearly discouraged some, but many still agreed his shot was better than his numbers depicted. He shot just about the same last season for the Sixers, hitting 30.1% on just under two attempts per game. 

The numbers still might not have been great, but Maxey made great strides improving that area of his game. If you watch clips of him shooting at the beginning and end of the year, there is a drastic change in his shooting mechanics. 

Becoming a respectable three-point shooter is crucial for Maxey. We saw all last season he has the ability to blow by defenders and use an array of moves to finish at the rim. If defenders have to play him all the way out at the three-point line, it will allow him to create open driving lanes with his quickness. 

Maxey has built a reputation of being a hard worker, and it's clear he put the time in all offseason. This latest video is just another reason for fans to get excited about the promising young guard. 

Kevin McCormick covers the Philadelphia 76ers for South Jersey's 97.3 ESPN and Sports Illustrated. You can follow him on Twitter: @KevinMcCNBA.