Tracy McGrady Begs for 76ers to Trade for Derrick Rose

Justin Grasso

The trade market is slowly beginning to heat up, and the Philadelphia 76ers could soon be making a move. While Sixers' General Manager Elton Brand mentioned he was satisfied with the team he built over the summer when speaking to the media on Christmas day, the latest results of the 76ers prove they could use some additional help.

Sure, the Sixers defeated the Milwaukee Bucks almost with ease on December 25th, but since that matchup, Philly has struggled mightily. Nine games later, the Sixers have gone 3-6 against some stellar opponents. Not to mention, they hadn't won a game on the road since December 23rd, when they played the Detroit Pistons.

Knowing what we know now weeks later, Elton Brand is undoubtedly working the phones in the Philly front office, trying to better the team. Reports out there indicate Philly is looking for perimeter shooting, so a backup shooting guard to come off of the bench will be their primary target in the market.

However, some have suggested the Sixers should look into picking up a true point guard. Some bogus deals involved sending Ben Simmons packing in exchange for players such as D'Angelo Russell or Chris Paul. But the 76ers shouldn't go that far. Not yet, at least.

Earlier this week, The Athletic's David Aldridge suggested Philly should find a new point guard, but they shouldn't shake-up their lineup by sending out Simmons. Therefore, a point guard of Russell or Paul's caliber won't necessarily be an option.

So former NBA star Tracy McGrady suggested -- I mean, practically begged for the Sixers to make a move for Detroit Pistons point guard, Derrick Rose. As a segment surrounding Rose's potential availability on the market came up, McGrady chirped "Philly" countless times as Richard Jefferson explained Rose's situation.

"I think he should want to go and play in the playoffs," Richardson said in regards to Rose. "I think he's an attractive trade piece. Do I think he is somebody that's going to get them over the top? I don't think he can get anybody over the top. But I like this -- I want Derrick Rose in the postseason!"

Jefferson makes a point; Rose might not be able to get the Sixers over the top. He may be averaging 18 points-per-game, but it seems unlikely Rose takes over Simmons' spot as a point guard as long as Brett Brown is in charge of the rotations.

Perhaps Rose would be a significant upgrade as a backup point guard over Trey Burke and Raul Neto, but he still doesn't solve the Sixers' critical problem, which is a lack of three-point shooting. In 36 games with the Pistons, Rose has only managed to drain around 32-percent of his shots. Not much of an upgrade for a team struggling from beyond the arc.

Justin Grasso covers the Philadelphia 76ers for Sports Illustrated. You can follow him on Twitter: @JGrasso_