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Ty Lue is Reportedly Scheduled for an Interview With 76ers Tuesday

It's been over a month since the Philadelphia 76ers have wrapped up a seven-year stint with Brett Brown as the head coach. As the Sixers struggled to pick up a single win against the Boston Celtics in the playoffs in a do-or-die season for Brown, it was becoming clear his time was running short in Philly.

Therefore, a week before the Sixers were even set home from Orlando, coaches were already getting linked to the possible coaching vacancy in Philly. The first name to pop up was Los Angeles Clippers assistant, Ty Lue. When the 76ers fired Brown officially, Lue's name was in the mix again.

At this point, over a month later, Lue is seemingly one of the two top candidates to replace Brown along with Mike D'Antoni. The interest is mutual between the Sixers and Lue, and this week, the Clippers' assistant is reportedly scheduled for an interview with the organization, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer's Keith Pompey.

"Lue is scheduled to interview for the job on Tuesday, according to multiple sources. One has to wonder if he thinks his meeting could just be a formality and/or insurance in case former Houston Rockets coach Mike D’Antoni, whose job it is to lose, doesn’t accept the job."

Being that Lue has previously been a head coach of a team surrounded by stars and managed to coach in three NBA Finals, winning once, the 76ers were intrigued with his potential, rightfully so. But as D'Antoni became available a couple of weeks back, the strong interest in Lue seems to have quickly faded.

Last week, D'Antoni reportedly interviewed with the Sixers -- and so did Billy Donovan. Lue, who wrapped up his season with the Clippers recently, hasn't had facetime with Elton Brand or the Sixers' Managing Partners just yet. 

While that's supposed to change on Tuesday, it seems Lue will have to blow the Sixers away to sway their interest from D'Antoni, as the former Rockets head coach is likely set for another interview with the organization this week.

Justin Grasso covers the Philadelphia 76ers for Sports Illustrated. You can follow him on Twitter: @JGrasso_