Anthony Edwards, Karl-Anthony Towns Had Hilarious Exchange With Reporter After Win

The homegrown stars had everyone laughing after taking down the Nuggets.
Anthony Edwards, Karl-Anthony Towns
Anthony Edwards, Karl-Anthony Towns /

The Minnesota Timberwolves did the impossible (or, if not impossible, damn near it) on Sunday night, coming back from a 20-point deficit to take down the Denver Nuggets in the defending champs' own building for a Game 7 victory. It was truly remarkable to watch Minnesota refuse to wilt while the odds continued to mount against them, especially with Anthony Edwards submitting one of his worst shooting nights of the postseason.

But he and his teammates stayed the course, delivered when it mattered, and extended their season. The vibes were, predictably, tremendous after the game. Edwards and Karl-Anthony Towns did their postgame interviews together again and had the whole room laughing while answering a question about past playoff heartbreaks.

A reporter began to ask a question about how the Timberwolves are ahead of schedule relative to how much failure a roster usually needs to experience before making a deep postseason run. Towns pointed out that Minnesota lost as an eight seed last year to these same Nuggets. The reporter countered that usually teams boasting the youth of the Wolves need to fail on a larger stage before making it to the conference finals, to which KAT responded, "How much more do you want us to lose? We been losing for 20 years!" while Edwards cackled and chimed in with his own comments.

An enjoyable, light-hearted moment after the most intense game of the playoffs. And certainly a... strong contrast, one could say, to Michael Malone's postgame presser across the way.

The reporter in question here does have a bit of a point. To use the Michael Jordan comparison that everyone loves to use with Edwards now, Jordan had a very linear progression of success from early round exits to mid-round battles to knocking on the door of the Finals to actually getting there and winning. Edwards and the rest of these Wolves made a significant single-season leap from a low seed to one of the league's top units who are now within four games of the franchise's first Finals appearance. It is unusual to have that happen all at once.

But Towns has a point, too. The organization has suffered through more than its fair share of losing over its decades of existence. The last few years have been great in comparison to many of those doldrums seasons but still came with unique tragedy, like Jaden McDaniels breaking his hand by punching a wall before the playoffs started last year.

It may not be the path the NBA is used to seeing, but the Wolves have earned this.

Liam McKeone


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