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Tuesday, Jayson Tatum became the first Celtic since Kevin Garnett in 2008 to earn All-NBA First Team honors. Before that, it hadn't happened since Larry Bird in 1988.

Wednesday, speaking about his selection to the First Team, Tatum said: "Obviously, it's a huge honor. I'm thankful for that recognition."

Tatum found out he made it the same way most people did: "I saw it on my phone. Everyone started congratulating me."


As for why Tatum believes he went from not making an All-NBA Team last year to making the First Team this time around, he stated: "We won more games than last year. But I think playmaking. Just being able to read the game a lot better. The game slowed down in a lot of ways for me, and I think it's shown in my playmaking."

Making the All-NBA First Team is a tremendous accomplishment for the 24-year-old star. Although, had he made any of the All-NBA Teams last year, he would've earned a $32.6 million bonus.

"What's the saying, a day late and a dollar short," laughed Tatum.


The now two-time All-NBA player also got asked how he thinks the league should change All-NBA voting: "It just should be some rules in place. I don't know exactly the number, but maybe you should have to play a certain amount of games. Or maybe you should have to be (on) a playoff team or not. I think it should be position-less."

Tatum pointed to centers Nikola Jokic and Joel Embiid finishing first and second, respectively, for MVP, but the latter not making the All-NBA First Team. "It should be the 15 best players."

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As meaningful an individual accomplishment as making All-NBA First Team is, Tatum's focused on Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals and trying to send the series back to Boston with a chance for the Celtics to reach the NBA Finals.

"We know what's at stake. It's essentially a best-of-three. And to have some carryover from last game, just to start the game off better," Tatum expressed.

He later remarked: "Whatever happened last game was last game," adding, "we shouldn't feel any better about ourselves because we blew them out; it's still worth one (win). We shouldn't relax; we should look at tonight as a must-win game."

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