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From Jayson Tatum's two-handed jam to plays at both ends by Miles Bridges, Grant Williams' full-extension (at the) rim rejection, and Terry Rozier delivering the dagger, here are the top five plays from Wednesday's game between the Celtics and Hornets.

Jayson Tatum Blows by Miles Plumlee

Jayson Tatum catches the ball at the elbow and goes to work immediately to capitalize on a mismatch in foot speed between him and Miles Plumlee. The All-Star wing quickly gets past the only defender standing between him and the rim, and he finishes strong with a two-handed dunk.

Miles Bridges Uncorks a Sweeping Hook with Jaylen Brown Draped on Him

It's not a block or a thunderous throwdown, but that's a tough shot. Jaylen Brown is all over Miles Bridges -- if you freeze the video at the seven-second mark, you'll see that Brown's hand is in Bridges' face as he goes up for this shot. Still, he banks in this sweeping hook as he's going away from the basket.

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Grant Williams Goes Full Extension to Deny Kelly Oubre at the Rim

LaMelo Ball sets a screen on Jayson Tatum, and Kelly Oubre, who provided a significant boost off the bench with 18 points, cuts to the rim with the much shorter Dennis Schroder trailing him. It would've been an easy two points, but Grant Williams sees what's happening, rotates over, elevates off two feet, and goes full extension to swat Oubre's shot.

Miles Bridges Showcases What He Can Do in the Open Floor

Miles' Bridges' game has come a long way since he entered the NBA, but one of the things he could always do is deliver highlight-reel jams. When the opportunity to showcase that arose in the fourth quarter of Wednesday's game, he took full advantage with a windmill dunk off two feet.

Terry Rozier Delivers the Dagger

Terry Rozier returned to Boston and torched his former team. He capped off his game-high 28-point performance with this side-step three as Jayson Tatum closed out on him. That shot put the Hornets ahead by nine points with 54.8 seconds left, and it proved to be the dagger.