Inglewood Approves Use of Eminent Domain to Aquire Property for Clippers Arena

The city will now be able to begin construction of the new arena this summer.
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Inglewood’s city council passed a vote yesterday to authorize the use of eminent domain to finally acquire the properties where the new LA Clippers arena will eventually be built, according to City Clerk Aisha L. Thompson.

The use of the eminent domain power to claim the 11 properties on Century Boulevard (eight of which are currently vacant) has been a point of controversy amongst city leadership, as the power requires the future arena to exclusively be used for “public use”, despite the arena being entirely privately funded and used to host a privately owned organization. The loophole for this issue, according to the city’s attorneys via The Daily Breeze, is that the arena will offer “amusement, enjoyment, and recreation.”

The controversy extends to Inglewood’s citizens, as many believe the properties should be repurposed to offer public housing rather than a new sports arena.

Construction of the arena (dubbed the Inglewood Basketball and Entertainment Center or IBEC) will begin this summer, with the team expected to play its first game at the start of the 2024-25 season

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