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Patrick Beverley says he's playing every team like they're "Golden State when they had Kevin Durant"

Patrick Beverley is ready for the playoffs.

When Patrick Beverley says he wants all the smoke, he isn't messing around. Mr. 94 Feet is ready for competition, and he's ready for all of it.

Beverley talked about his mental attitude towards competition on the Work From Home podcast.

“I'm treating everybody the same," Beverley said. "Every team I play, I’m playing them like we playing the Golden State when they had Kevin Durant. Every point guard I play, I’m playing Steph Curry. Every shooting guard I’m playing, I’m playing James Harden. Every three-man I'm playing, I'm playing LeBron and KD."

Simply put, Patrick Beverley is ready for the playoffs. 

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Beverley's mentality is why fans and teammates love him so much. At the same time, it's why opposing teams hate him so much. He never lets up, no matter who he's going against. The nickname "Mr. 94 Feet" comes from the fact that he guards players across the entire 94 feet of the court, a full-court agitator. 

Ivica Zubac called Patrick Beverley the most influential teammate he's ever played with, and Beverley's mentality is the reason why. Beverley's attitude motivates his teammates to play harder for him because they don't want to let him down. When someone says "I'll guard this player", and they actually do it, it gives a special kind of motivation.

"I can't let him down," Zubac said in a previous interview. "He's always 100% in, locked-in, focused. If someone else is not locked-in, we can't make good results, so we all gotta be on the same page."

The Clippers will play eight regular-season games before the quest for their first franchise championship begins, and Patrick Beverley is ready for all of them.