Reggie Miller: 'The Clippers’ curse is real'

Farbod Esnaashari

It's still hard to believe that the LA Clippers collapsed in the Western Conference Semifinals. Everyone is trying to figure out what went wrong, whether it was bench players, star players, or Doc Rivers. Reggie Miller believes the franchise is just cursed.

Everything the Clippers did this season, whether it was a marketing promotion, or player move, was to win an NBA Championship. It was about taking over as the new team of LA. Unfortunately, the exact opposite happened.

"I was led to believe the Clippers," Miller said. "Their whole marketing scheme was to deface the Los Angeles Lakers and their history. That’s all they wanted. 'New sheriff intown.' 'We’re taking over LA.' They damn near almost did it by fooling us all."

Everyone wanted to see the Clippers face the Lakers in the Western Conference Finals. Unfortunately for the NBA, Game 2 of the Lakers/Nuggets Conference Finals was the lowest rated Conference Finals game since 2003. Part of that could be due to Sunday Night Football, and part of that could be due to sheer disinterest. Either way, it would be a safe bet to say that wouldn't be the case if it were an all LA series. The Clippers were one game away from doing it, but they overlooked the Denver Nuggets.

"They overlooked everyone else because their one focus was on LeBron James, Anthony Davis and the Lakers," Miller said. "That’s all they ever wanted to do. They were one game away from doing it. A total collapse."