After successfully breaking ground on the Intuit Dome in Inglewood, LA Clippers chairman Steve Ballmer is still focused on the future. The billionaire business man recently joined Variety's Strictly Business Podcast to discuss the Intuit Dome, which is set to debut in 2024, and other future plans he has for the Clippers.

When discussing his vision for the Intuit Dome, Ballmer said, "The more people feel like they are brought together, that makes for a better experience. I wanted to make sure it was a basketball mecca." While much of Ballmer's discussion was focused on the new arena, he also discussed the future of NBA television rights.

With the NBA's national television deal with TNT and ESPN set to expire in 2025, the league will have decisions to make about the future off their product. While the NBA awaits these decisions, Ballmer has already begun negotiations with Bally Sports regarding local television rights. When asked about his vision for the future of television rights, Ballmer said that "There are options. Obviously if we can work the right deal with Bally, they’ve been a great partner for a long period of time. In business, you’ve got to have options. We have options."

The Clippers have come a long way from the days of Donald Sterling, and Ballmer's continuous pursuit of advancement is the primary reason why. This recent vision for the future is another way in which that has been on display.

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