It has been quite the few months for LA Clippers rising star Terance Mann. After dropping 39-points in a series clinching win that sent the Clippers to their first Western Conference Finals in franchise history, the 3rd-year player has inked his first shoe deal.

Terance Mann announced on Twitter that he has signed a shoe deal with Anta. Mann joins a list of NBA players who have signed with Anta that includes Klay Thompson, Gordon Hayward, and Rajon Rondo. The brand is a Chinese sports equipment corporation based in Jinjiang.

While Anta has picked up some marquee NBA players in recent years, one of their first big signings was Kevin Garnett in 2010. Since then, they have in inked deals with 11 different NBA players, with Mann being the most recent.

Anta's current biggest NBA star is Golden State Warriors sniper Klay Thompson, who chose to leave Nike in 2014 to join the global brand. When asked why he chose Anta, Klay said that "I knew with the other brands in the States, whether it was Nike or Adidas, it was going to be tough for me to get a signature shoe... I knew with Anta, I would have so much input creatively. I was going to hopefully be the Michael Jordan one day of Anta."

Since the move from Nike to Anta, Klay has released several different signature shoes. With Mann choosing Anta so early in his career, his vision is likely to follow in Klay's footsteps, and blaze his own trail as a face of the brand.

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