Heat's Tyler Herro joins Old Spice's “Hair is Awesome. Hats are Dumb” movement

Shandel Richardson

Miami Heat rookie Tyler Herro drew lots of attention last month when he debuted a cornrows hairstyle last month. 

Now, he wants folks talking about his hair even more. Herro recently announced he was teaming up with Old Spice as part of its "Hair is Awesome. Hats are Dumb" campaign. Other athletes involved are MLB standout Cody Bellinger, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce and the Milwaukee Brewers' Christian Yelich. The idea behind the pitch is for athletes to ditch the ball caps in favor of displaying their hair. 

It is the first time Herro has appeared in a national advertisement since entering the NBA last summer. In the ad, Herro plays into the typical off-beat, wacky Old Spice commercials by saying, "dare to dream, dare to ditch the headgear and dare to take a shot at having awesome hair. Like me!!!" 

Herro, who is known for his stylish caps, also made an effort not to offend anyone in the hat community. After the commercial debuted, he pledge his love for headgear. 

"*Disclaimer: You’ve seen my Instagram," Herro posted. "You know I actually do love hats ...just not when it covers AWESOME hair!"

The ad just continues Herro's rise in popularity on and off the court. He was recently named the best-dressed rookie by leaguefits, an Instagram page devoted to players' attire off the court.

With the NBA season set to restart next month in Orlando, Herro is averaging 12.9 points, four rebounds and 1.9 assists. He will likely earn a spot on the All-Rookie Team and is expected to be a key contributor when the playoffs begin.

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