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Pounding the Table for Knicks Assistant Johnnie Bryant to Become Jazz's Next Head Coach

It almost makes too much sense.

With the departure of Quin Snyder, many coaches will want the opportunity to lead the Utah Jazz organization. The Jazz have already turned the page on being able to compete in today's NBA. 

Jazz owner Ryan Smith understands the 'fans first' mentality and how important it is to vibe with the Utah community. Hiring Jazz executive Danny Ainge is some proof of this theory. 

Smith and his team must now interview and hire a new coach. But who makes the most sense to succeed Snyder? 

An excellent choice would be Johnnie Bryant.

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Like Smith and Ainge, Bryant is established in Utah. Bryant attended the University of Utah from 2003-07 and was an Assistant Coach for the Jazz from 2014-20. Bryant is currently the associate head coach for the New York Knicks and has been since 2020.

Bryant played a direct role in the development of Jazz stars like Paul Millsap, Gordan Hayward, Donovan Mitchell, and Julius Randle. Millsap became a four-time (consecutively) All-Star (2014-17), Hayward became an All-Star in 2016-2017, Mitchell is a three-time All-Star (2020-22), and Randle became an NBA All-Star in 2020-21. 

Bryant has developed countless others NBA basketball players across the league. Sometimes a candidate is just a candidate. 

However, Bryant is established in Utah, was a former assistant coach for the Jazz, has helped developed multiple NBA All-Stars and currently holds a high coaching role with the Knicks. It's just a matter of time before he's named an NBA head coach and it may as well be with the Jazz.