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Donovan Mitchell Trade to Knicks Requires Four 1st-Round Picks?

If Utah does opt to move on, the asking price may be set.

There remains some debate about the direction of the Utah Jazz, having just moved Rudy Gobert to Minnesota while still employing Donovan Mitchell, the New York native (and Mets baseball guy) while he's a long-time subject of trade gossip.

If Utah does, however, opt to move on, the asking price may be set.

And the New York Knicks, as much as they desire a quick rebuild following their swipe of Jalen Brunson from Dallas, might be reluctant to pay that price.

That price, according to Ian Begley of SNY, might be four first-round picks.

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Would the Knicks view such a price as prohibitive? Would other teams? As we are seeing once again with Kevin Durant essentially ordering the Brooklyn Nets to trade him, a player's desire carries great power here. If Mitchell wants out of Utah, he's likely getting his way ...

Making it tougher for Utah to get what it desires.

The idea from the Knicks perspective: Give up all those picks (and maybe players?) and New York lacks the building blocks to become a consistent winner.

]The Knicks want Mitchell; most every team does. But every team also wants to "win'' the trade. This is a situation worth continued scrutiny, because it starts with Utah deciding if it wants to reload or rebuilt, it continues with what Mitchell wants, and then it reaches a peak if and when a bidding war ensues.

And if the bidding is really about four first-round picks.