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Mavs Luka Doncic & Kristaps Porzingis Need Help From Supporting Cast

Currently on a three-game losing streak, the Dallas Mavericks are in desperate need of someone other than Kristaps Porzingis and Jalen Brunson to contribute.

During Dallas Mavericks' practice on Monday, Luka Doncic reportedly hollered in pain and banged on the bleachers.

Coach Jason Kidd then set his status as questionable for Tuesday’s contest vs. the Los Angeles Clippers.

While the Mavs superstar ices his injuries, the roster deals with its pain: losing three consecutive games, despite Porzingis looking and playing like a second-option star.

How do you put ice on such a problem?

If Tim Hardaway Jr. or Reggie Bullock played to at least an adequate level, perhaps Dallas wins at least one of those hard-fought games. Aside from those two players, the reserve center spots haven't worked, either. And the Mavericks requiring another ball-handler remains.

Admittedly, Jalen Brunson has improved. During this three-game stretch, Brunson averaged 18.7 points and nine assists. The Villanova alum is undoubtedly the third-best player on the roster. 

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Now, back to Hardaway Jr. and Bullock. You expect more from the typically sharp-shooting wings, considering they are the key signings/re-signings in free agency. Unfortunately for Dallas, without Doncic providing open looks, the two find themselves in a slump. 

During the past three-game stretch, Hardaway Jr. is a net-negative player on an astounding level. Registering a -16.4 net rating while also recording an ice-cold 40.9 true-shooting percentage requires attention.

Bullock dips even lower on the other end, averaging a seldom-seen 25 true-shooting percentage and 28 percent from shots past the arc. 

With those two performing at such a sub-par level, it's apparent why Dallas can't register a win while Doncic aids his injuries.

With No.77's return in question, Porzingis is now the player who needs and deserves support without his superstar teammate in the lineup. Will the backup come in time?