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Dallas Mavs Day Off: Luka, Dirk, Cowboys, Backyard Fun

Luka Doncic enjoys watching the Dallas Cowboys take on the New York Giants on NFL Sunday, while others take part in a backyard hoop session.

In Texas, Sunday is synonymous with church and NFL football. Depending on who you ask, both activities are equally important. While basketball has yet to enter the state of Texas' gospel vernacular, that didn't stop Luka Doncic from indulging in some American football as the Dallas Cowboys faced the New York Giants at AT&T Stadium. 

Coming into Sunday's action, the Cowboys sat at a 3-1 record. Giants assistant coach Jason Garrett, a former member of the Dallas sports picture, wasn't the only familiar face in the building. 

In typical Cowboys' fashion, America's Team attracts the stars of the United States, or in this case, the world. Joining Doncic on his Sunday fun day, Mavs legend Dirk Nowitzki upped the ante on the "who's who" Richter scale. 

Perhaps the championship influence of the 2011 NBA Finals MVP inspired the Cowboys’ 44-20 stomping of the divisional foe, or maybe Nowitzki's presence was just the icing on the blue-and-grey cake. Either way, any opportunity for Nowitzki to show his face is a feel-good story for the city of Dallas.  

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