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Kelly Oubre On Mavs Wish List; Bad Idea Compared To DeMar DeRozan

The Dallas Mavericks continue to be linked to Kelly Oubre Jr. ahead of NBA free agency. Here's why they should avoid this option.

DALLAS - With NBA free agency rapidly approaching, the Dallas Mavericks have become a staple as a potential landing spot for various free agency prospects.

Wes Goldberg of the Mercury News reported that Oubre Jr. will seek a contract in free agency upwards of $20 million per season. Meanwhile, Bleacher Report's Jake Fischer linked the Mavericks to Oubre Jr. along with the Knicks, Spurs, and Heat.

It was rumored that Dallas once approached the Warriors about a potential trade centered around Kristaps Porzingis prior to the March deadline. The deal would have revolved soon-to-be free agent Oubre Jr. 

If the Mavericks truly want one of the more athletic big wings out there, then Oubre Jr. makes some sense. However, a "big haul" of a free agency ending in a player who will primarily slot off-the-ball and shot just 31.6-percent from deep in 2020-21. 

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With all things considered, Oubre Jr. produced just 0.994 points per possession (PPP) on spot-up no dribble jumpers last season - the same output as Josh Richardson. This level of efficiency ranked 54th among the 59 players with at least 150 attempts. 

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If the lack of shooting efficiency from Richardson proved to be too much to overcome and was limiting, why pay big money to a player in Oubre Jr. who struggles to convert at a sufficient clip on these same attempts? 

When surrounding Luka Doncic with pieces in the supporting cast, it's essential that individual is either a highly efficient spot-up shooter or an athletic rim-roller. There are rare circumstances when an exception should be made. 

Oubre Jr. is far from a player who should be an exception. That's especially the case when factoring in that he will be seeking a hefty contract in free agency after being an underwhelming contributor to the Golden State Warriors. 

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One of the names that has been mentioned as an option for the Mavericks has been DeMar DeRozan, who is talented enough with the ball in his hands initiating offense to have a case as an exception. That's not Oubre Jr. 

We don't make the DeRozan comparison to Oubre based on the money, but rather, the fit. Oubre is a player the Mavs have always liked, because they see potential. But we say that potential has never really been realized.

While many would like the Mavericks to swing big and land a star player, there may not be available options in free agency to get it done. Forcing a signing like Kelly Oubre Jr. would not be the way to go.