Mavs Tuesday Donuts: 'Cause Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad

Mavs Tuesday Donuts: 'Cause Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad; Dallas Mavericks NBA Notebook
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Dallas Mavericks Tuesday Donuts, your NBA/MFFL notebook ...

DONUT 1: THREE THINGS The Dallas Mavericks and the NBA are coming back. (Probably.) Commissioner Adam Silver has outlined what I can boil down to three reasons why.

*He believes that contrary to those who think the NBA's return will lessen awareness of the civil-rights movement, it will heighten it.

"In terms of social justice issues, it’ll be an opportunity for NBA players in the greater community to draw attention to the issues because the world’s attention will be on the NBA in Orlando if we’re able to pull this off,'' Silver said on Monday night's "Return to Sports" ESPN show. "What should this league, that may have a unique opportunity as compared to almost any other organization in the world, be doing in response to George Floyd’s death, to endemic racial issues in society?”

He's right.

*Silver seems to believe the league has an "obligation'' of sorts to try and resume the season, and that we need it.

“We think that for the country, it’ll be a respite from the enormous difficulties people are dealing with in their lives right now,'' he said.

The "giving in'' part rings silly to me. But the "entertainment'' part. He's right.

*Silver insisted, "A lot of people pointed to the financial component of this. The incremental difference between, at this point, playing and not playing, isn't nearly as great as people think, especially given the enormous expense in putting this on.''

And ... I don't believe that.

I believe owners want their money and players want their money and and TV wants its money and sponsors want their money's worth. I'll need somebody to show me a spreadsheet before I believe the money it'll cost to put it on exceeds the long-term money it'll cost of not putting it on.

But, Commish? Two out of three ain't bad.

DONUT 2: OUR BIG BOARD The ever-shifting landscape of the NBA calendar now calls for the 2020 NBA Draft to unfold on Thursday, Oct. 15, with a lottery to determine the order on Aug. 25. How to get ready? The 60-Prospect Big Board, that's how.

DONUT 3: NO FANS? There are indications we may not be able to attend basketball games ... no, not just this season. Next season, too.

That's the word from The Athletic's Shams Charania. Me? I suspect we are a long way from making that determination. But even the possibility of that stacks up as yet another stunner.

DONUT 4: 'OH MY GOD!' has for 20 years been proud to present the finest sportswriting in DFW. On the ninth anniversary of the Mavs NBA title, this is that. Read it ... and bring a hanky.

god shammgod

And, in a smooth transition, 'Oh my Shammgod!'' I really enjoyed this visit with Mavs assistant - and playground legend - God Shammgod on his new Puma signature shoe and some life philosophies that could come in handy for a lot of us right now. Come and get it!

DONUT 5: BARKLEY KNOWS STUPID OK, I'm just kidding there. But I think Charles Barkley misses the mark when he explains the "why'' behind his view that cancelling the season would be "stupid.''

"I think it will be stupid to not play," Barkley said Monday on ESPN's "Get Up!" "If they don't play, they're gonna be 'out of sight, out of Mind' for the rest of the year."

Maybe so, Chuck. But "lack of visibility'' and "lowered profiles'' isn't nearly as dangerous as getting sick, right?

DONUT 6: COVID COACHES That issue commissioner Adam Silver apparently had with allowing coaches of a certain age to be on the bench due to the elderly's vulnerability to COVID-19? It seems Mavs coach Rick Carlisle - head of the coaches association - has spoken to Silver about that.

And it's no longer an issue.

DONUT 7: BOBAN WORLD Before Boban Marjanovic takes us on a tour of Disney World - where he promises to have some fun - he takes us on a tour inside Mavs "practices,'' right now, such as there are. Let's join Boban here.

DONUT 8: CUBAN CHARITY Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has contributed $100,000 to the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) Covid-19 Relief Fund. The donation is meant to honor sportswriters Roger B. Brown and Martin McNeal, both of whom recently passed away.

DONUT 9: PEOPLE ARE STRANGE Does it get any more strange, when it comes to NBA seasons, for the Dallas Mavericks than this one? No. But we've got nine other beauties. The Top 10 Oddest Mavs Seasons Ever, here.

DONUT 10: QUOTABLE “There’s only 20 guys actually getting paid, and I’m part of that. Let’s not pretend there’s not a tiered system purposely to divide all of us.” - Kyrie Irving, making an argument that - as valid as his COVID-19 concerns might be, and as valid as his "Black Lives Matter'' concerns might be, simply does not fly.

DONUT 11: NO TO THE WHITE HOUSE I've written in this space before that the reason Cuban isn't running for president is that he won't do so while his three children are still young. He's now confirming that.

jerry cuban trump

"My family shut it down. The unfortunate reality of politics these days is that… It’s brutal. It’s not something that you want your young kids to go through and have to experience. ... My wife, she was just like ‘no, you can’t do it.’ So I got voted down four to one on that option.”

DONUT 12: THE FINAL WORD "I think the biggest thing we can do as individuals is to just love each other. Show that you care for the other person. ... Not for their race, not for their religion, not for whatever might make them a little different than you.” - Justin Jackson to DBcom.