Spurs' DeMar DeRozan Linked To Mavs: NBA Free Agency

DeMar DeRozan will be an unrestricted free agent during the NBA offseason. Could he be an option for the Dallas Mavericks?
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DALLAS - The Dallas Mavericks will enter the NBA offseason with the intent of surrounding superstar Luka Doncic with more talent. With plenty of salary cap space and one of the league's top players to build around, there will be some intriguing options to consider. 

When constructing an NBA free agency big-board for each team in the league, Bleacher Report's Greg Swartz included DeMar DeRozan among the three players worth targeting for the Mavericks. Via B/R:

"DeRozan doesn't fit the age timeline, but he's one of the best players available and he's become a terrific playmaker. Even with Doncic, the Mavericks are just 28th in assist percentage this season."

There will be a variety of intriguing options for the Mavericks if they seek to enter the market for a secondary ball handler this offseason. DeRozan - who DallasBasketball.com's Dalton Trigg has often pushed as a smart summer target - may top the list of available options. 

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Entering this season, DeRozan and the Spurs failed to come to terms on a contract extension. San Antonio has since moved on from LaMarcus Aldridge to embrace younger options in their frontcourt. Could the same occur out on the wing? 

DeRozan, 31, is having another strong season for the Spurs. He has primarily slotted in their lineup as a small ball four and is averaging 21.1 points, 4.4 rebounds, and 7.2 assists in 48 appearances. 

One of the main appeals for the Mavericks to sign DeRozan would his highly efficient ability to produce as a pick-and-roll ball handler and his isolation scoring. He also brings an underrated post-up game and can get to the rim off-the-catch in a variety of ways. 

No idea is perfect when it comes to NBA hypotheticals. This would not be a move that would improve the Mavericks' perimeter shooting or defense. Dallas would need to slot him in as a small ball four alongside Kristaps Porzingis as a stretch-5 to maximize half-court floor spacing.

Most of all, this would satisfy the "Third Star'' goal and would, in theory, push Dallas' roster closer to true contention.

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