Luka vs. Trae: Can Mavs & Hawks All Just Get Along?

On Mavs Step Back Podcast, Dalton Trigg is joined by Brad Rowland to talk about the Mavericks' matchup with the Hawks, why we should all get along when it comes to the Luka vs. Trae debate and John Collins' impending restricted free agency
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Luka Doncic and the Dallas Mavericks are desperately trying to end their current six-game losing streak. To do that, though, the Mavs will on Wednesday have to go through Trae Young and the much-improved Atlanta Hawks on the road.

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On this episode of the Mavs Step Back Podcast, Dalton Trigg is joined by Brad Rowland, who writes for and also hosts the Locked On Hawks podcast. Dalton and Brad spend some time talking about how this weird NBA season has impacted both the Mavs and Hawks in different ways before briefly previewing the game that's going to take place on Wednesday night at State Farm Arena. 

Surprisingly, as Rowland pointed out earlier, this particular Mavs-Hawks game will feature both Luka Doncic and Trae Young for the first time in over two years. Is it time for Mavs fans and Hawks fans to put down their swords and accept that 1) both Doncic and Young are excellent players and 2) both sides are happy with the results of the much talked about 2018 NBA Draft night trade? 

Both sides believe it's time, but also acknowledge that it may never happen.

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To cap things off, Brad talks about the impending restricted free agency of Hawks forward John Collins, who wasn't able to agree to a long-term contract extension with Atlanta before the season began. Could a max offer for Collins scare off the Hawks from keeping him this summer? If the Hawks already know they don't want to pay Collins that much money, could he potentially be traded before the March 27 deadline? What would Collins potential fit would be like next to Kristaps Porzingis in Dallas? 

All of that and much more is answered here:

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