Nets unveil confusing, just plain old terrible 'Bed-Stuy' City Edition Jersey

Rick Laughland

If the debut of the Nets 2019-2020 City Edition Jerseys left you scratching your head and searching for meaning, you're probably not the only one. 

Named  for neighborhood where Biggie Smalls grew up, the marketing genius behind the 'Bed-Stu' jerseys may want to consider finding a job outside of marketing. The esoteric reference that even many rap and hip hop enthusiasts wouldn't get is part of the team's on-court apparel this year and was modeled by DeAndre Jordan on Thursday at Brooklyn Bank in none other than Bed-Stu. 

Created by local artist Eric Haze, the same designer of the 2019-20 Statement Edition uniform, the Bed-Stu jersey will probably make waves locally, but for a Nets team hoping to reach National and Global relevance, it's a farcry from a jersey Nets fans on the other side of the country or outside the country will want to wear. 

Who said Biggie Smalls was a Net fan anyway? 

Instead of paying homage to the Nets playing days in Long Island or New Jersey, they've resorted to the honoring hip hop legend's neighborhood that hardly anyone outside the Borough of Brooklyn would recognize. 

While the Nets have a rather extensive history, it does seem sometimes they are running from it.